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Working method and principle of round tube polishing machine

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Polishing is the process of polishing the surface of a workpiece by a polishing wheel mounted on a polishing machine and coated with a polishing paste. The purpose is to reduce the roughness of the surface of the part, so that the product has a bright appearance while removing defects on the surface of the product. During polishing, the polishing wheel coated with polishing paste rotates at high speed, and the frost of the product and the polishing wheel generates high temperature, which improves the plasticity of the metal product.

Under the action of polishing force, plastic twins are generated on the metal surface, and the raised parts are pressed in and flow. The recessed place is filled. As a result, the uneven surface is further improved. This process is called polishing. The process and principle are the same whether it is a manual polishing machine or an automatic polishing machine.

Polishing machine equipment is generally divided into three steps when polishing metal products: rough polishing-medium polishing-fine polishing. Today we will talk about what these three steps can do. Rough polishing: The rough grinding of the surface of untreated metal products with a relatively hard polishing wheel, generally using a Chiba wheel or a hemp rope wheel. It has a certain grinding effect on the product. Wait to remove coarse scars. Medium-polishing: Use a medium-hardness polishing wheel to further polish the rough-polished metal product, mainly to remove the polishing marks left by the product during the rough polishing. Generally, a cloth linen wheel or a blue maple cloth wheel is used. Fine polishing: It is a subsequent process of polishing, and it is also an essential process for the product to achieve a mirror effect. Use a softer polishing wheel to finish the product. Generally use cotton cloth wheels and pearl cloth wheels.