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Daily maintenance tips for square tube rust remover

Time: 2020-01-13 09 : 58Click : Times
The daily maintenance and maintenance of the square pipe straightening and descaling machine must be taken seriously. Daily maintenance can make the steel pipe straightening machine run in a good state, and it can timely find and solve hidden troubles. The daily maintenance content mainly includes the following aspects.

Check the tightening of each part of the machine and find that the screws are loosened and tightened in time to avoid other failures; the tension of the V-belt usually needs to be adjusted after a period of use. If the V-belt is too loose, it will affect the To the use of the machine; check the wear of the wearing parts, mainly wire brushes and paint brushes for rust removal, if the wear is serious, replace them in a timely manner, otherwise the effect of rust removal and painting will not be achieved;

After the day of use, put the paint in the paint box clean and clean the paint box. The daily maintenance of the square tube straight rust remover is not complicated. It only takes us a little time to make the machine work in a good state and exert better results.