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OB-80C round tube polishing machine

OB-80C round tube polishing machine

1. Series: Polishing Machinery
2.Type: OB-80C
3. Input voltage: 380V / 220v
4. Input power: 4.0KW
5. Grinding wheel diameter: 250 / 300MM
6. Guide wheel diameter: 240MM
7. Grinding wheel speed: 2800 rpm
8. Speed of guide wheel: stepless speed regulation
9. Processing diameter: 1.5--150mm
10. Processing length: unlimited
11. Processing efficiency: 0-18mm / min
12. Cooling system: optional
13. Weight: 200KG
14. Appearance size: 700 * 900 * 800 (width, length, height)

Main features of this machine:
Suitable for polishing of workpieces with different diameters.
Scope of application:
Electroplating, hardware, mold processing, gas spring rods, hydraulic accessories, copper pipes and copper rods, steel pipes and iron rods, stainless steel pipes, aluminum pipes, crafts processing, steel-wood furniture, tracheal tubes, vehicle accessories and other external polishing industries.

1.Surface mirror and sanding effects for various pipes and shafts;
2. It is recommended to grind consumables: nylon wheel, Chiba wheel, precision grinding wheel (EXL, LD, CP) effectively combine with the centerless grinding working principle, the quality of the workpiece cylindrical grinding is reliable and stable, and automatic feeding;
3. Simple operation, stable performance, water mill, oil mill and dry mill;
4. It can be equipped with speed regulation device and environmental protection dust removal function.