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Eight head square tube polishing machine

1. Series: square tube polishing machine
2. Model: two station square tube polishing machine
3. Input voltage: 380V
4. Input power: 3kw * 8 sets / 4kw * 8 sets
5. Feed motor: 3kw
6. Spindle speed: 2800r / min
7. Feed efficiency: (1-40) m / min
8. Polishing large size: 120x120mm
9. Polishing small size: 5 * 5mmm
10. Polishing length: above 600mm
11. Number of grinding heads: 8
12. Weight: 2000kg
13. Appearance dimension: 3200 * 1500 * 1400 (L * w * h)
14. Purpose and main functions:
Square tube polishing machine is suitable for derusting and mirror polishing of various metal surfaces of rectangular cross-section sections. Dry polishing is adopted. Different thickness polishing can be completed each time. This machine can carry out high-quality sanding and polishing on the square surface of aluminum, iron, copper and stainless steel Customer's actual situation tailor-made. In order to low price and good quality. Let our customers use more satisfied and more assured