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Angle steel grinder

Angle steel grinder
1. Its series. Angle steel grinder
2. Model: 120
3. Input voltage: 380V
4. Input power. 3KW * 4 sets / 4kw * 4 sets
5. Feed motor. 0.75KW
Spindle speed 2800 R
7. Feed efficiency. (1-24) m / min
8. Maximum polishing size. 120x120mm
9. Minimum polishing size. 5x5mm
10. Polishing length is more than 600mm
11. Weight: 1500kg
12. Appearance dimension: 2000 * 1500 * 1200 (L * w * h)
Features of angle steel polishing machine: polishing on both sides at the same time, polishing back and forth in front and back stroke, and polishing multiple square tubes at the same time, with high efficiency. At the same time, the double-sided back and forth polishing makes the machining effect more prominent. The machine is upgraded by double-sided polishing machine. The upper and lower sides of the square tube are automatically rotated 90 degrees after polishing. The whole processing process can be completed without manual work. This kind of machine is suitable for the processing factory which requires relatively high production efficiency and has certain requirements for the polishing effect of products.