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Three-station square tube strip steel wire drawing machine

Three-station square tube polishing machine

1. The series: square tube polishing machine.
2.Type number: OB-FG-HB-3
3. Input voltage: 380v.
4. Input power: 3kw * 12 units. 4kw * 12 units
5. Feed motor: 3kw.
6. Spindle speed: 2800r / min.
7. Feeding efficiency: (1-40) m / min
8. Polishing large size: 120X120mm.
9. Polishing small size: 5 * 5mm.
10. Polishing length: 600mm or more.
11. Number of grinding heads: 12
12. Weight: 3000kg
13. Appearance size: 5100 * 1500 * 1400 (length * width * height)
14. Uses and main functions:
The square tube polishing machine is suitable for rust removal and mirror polishing of various metal outer surfaces of rectangular cross-section profiles. Polishing adopts dry polishing. Each time can complete different polishing thickness. This machine can be used for aluminum, iron, copper, stainless steel square surface Carry out high-quality sanding. Polishing treatment. (By modifying the shape of the polishing wheel, you can also polish the cross-section profiles of different shapes.) This machine is a reference. Our company will tailor it according to the actual situation of customers. .Good quality. Make our customers more satisfied. More at ease.

My company solemnly promises!

  1. The products we sell are guaranteed for more than 1 year. During the warranty period, we can provide damaged spare parts (except for individual wearing parts) for free.

2. If the product we sell has a major failure or a problem that the customer cannot solve, we promise to send someone to the scene to solve it within 48 hours (some remote areas may extend the time limit).

3. We mainly sell polishing and grinding machinery products. Most of the structures are relatively simple and maintenance is very convenient. The whole machine will not run normally because of the damage of some small parts. According to our long-term statistics, more than 95% of machine failures can be resolved under the guidance of our technicians!

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